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Zo-phy studios is an independent, creative imaging studio founded on the principles of movement and awareness. I travel. I cycle. I hike. I have ants in my pants to be frank.

I reside in Richmond, Virginia where I was born and raised. My style as an artist has certainly been influenced from this fine city, but also my work captures images and stills from many other venues sighted and traveled during my journey as an artist.

I had the pleasure of attending Roanoke College and at the time I had high hopes of becoming an FBI agent, thus majoring in Criminal Justice. Clearly that is not at all where I ended up. Fortunately I also kept my fine arts focus - taking photography classes throughout my years at RC.

While I may not be an FBI Agent, my attention to detail and observant eye are a huge component of my work. We oftentimes run through each day not registering what we see or do for that matter. My photography captures moments within the chaos of that thing we call life.

I play with a variety of formats, 35mm B&W film; medium format and digital. My Holga camera is my "go to" for fun (The ethereal quality created with a plastic camera fascinates me!)

My images appear in private collections and have been displayed in corporate art spaces and in public display in both solo and group shows. My images have also been published and appear in print, magazines and online.

I hope you enjoy the moments I capture and they transport you to a place where you too can stop for a moment and just be.


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